"... a terrific job!"

"... extremely well recieved."

"... humorous and skillful"

"... appropriate and enjoyable entertainment."




"Your wit and professionalism is an added bonus to your

enthusiastic performance and quality entertainment"



"The event's popularity of the last few years has been very
gratifying to us and I am sure to you as well as since you have
now been involved in this event for three years running." "When
we had filled all 506 seats in the theatre, there was still a
line up of a hundred people clamouring to get in."


"Unique in many respects as also a first for the city of Karachi ...
and received excellent reviews by the press and praise from
all quarters. It was great fun & a tour de force with considerable
benefits in donations and goodwill for IBP." "It also opened a
window on Canada's Performing Arts hitherto unknown in
this part of the world."


"It was a pleasure to host your show. In view of the feedback
and the standing ovation you received at the end of your
show, we offer you our congratulations for making a
memorable contribution to the Conference."


 "... your company staged a witty, clever and thoroughly enjoyable illusion performance as the event finale. Many commented in conversation that they had not been treated to that calibre of illusion previously." "As great entertainment is best shared, I would like to offer my reference to your company."


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